Wagner Flexio 890 Review

Wagner Flexio 890 Review

The Wagner Flexio 890 is a hand-held paint sprayer which is a handy tool for a wide variety of painting jobs. It comes equipped with an iSpray nozzle for covering larger areas and a detail finishing nozzle for covering smaller areas. This model also has an X-Boost base and a long hose that provides greater comfort during painting projects. It can hold 1.5 quarts of paint in the iSpray attachment and 20 ounces in the detail finishing accessory. This makes it an efficient sprayer so that you can finish painting jobs quickly. The Lock-n-Go feature is an added attraction that ensures easy cleanup.  However, this sprayer is only suited for painting larger surfaces around the house and you may also experience overspraying due to the speed of the turbine.

Let’s begin our Wagner Flexio 890 review by taking a quick look at its key features.

wagner flexio 890

Key Features of the Flexio 890

iSpray technology

The patented iSpray technology makes the Flexio 890 an amazing handheld sprayer to work with. It allows the user to adjust the spraying pattern and experiment with a variety of spraying patterns and finishes which in turn helps achieve a smoother and even finish.

wagner flexio 890 ispray nozzle

Two nozzles

Flexio 890 has two nozzles — the iSpray nozzle and the detail finishing nozzle. iSpray nozzle can paint vertically and horizontally, especially for those areas where you want a wider paint output. The detail finishing nozzle helps you to achieve a smooth finish for the final coat of paint.

X-Boost turbine

X-Boost turbine creates more power that makes it easier to spray thicker coatings such as latex paints. You can adjust the air pressure level of the sprayer by just flipping a switch and have better control over paint flow.

Lock-n-Go Technology

With the Lock-N-Go feature, you can disassemble the sprayer easily for a cleanup. You can also use it to switch between the iSpray nozzle and detailed finishing nozzle and different paints.

Pros of the Wagner Flexio 890

Great capacity

The Flexio 890 can hold 1.5 quarts of paint in the iSpray attachment and 20 ounces in the detail finishing accessory. This allows the sprayer to spray 8.4 gallons per hour and finish painting an 8×10 feet wall in just 5 minutes.  The tool can paint a wall 12 times faster than a brush, saving a lot of time and effort. 

Ergonomically designed

The Wagner Flexio 890 is very compact and has a long handle. You can hold it comfortably at a stretch for several hours without experiencing any discomfort. 

Easy to clean 

You just need warm soapy water to clean the sprayer. You can also remove the nozzles and clean them thoroughly without creating a mess. Once the cleanup is over, you can store the nozzles in the turbine’s base.

Long air hose

The Flexio 890 has an 11 ½’ air hose so you can move around freely and paint for longer hours without experiencing any fatigue.


Possibility of over-spraying

The high-speed air turbine may cause over-spraying sometimes. It is advisable to use masking tapes and clean the nozzle at regular intervals to avoid any mess.

Better suited for larger projects

The Flexio 890 is better suited for covering larger surface areas such as walls, decks, and fences. If you are using the detail finishing nozzle for covering smaller projects, you will end up using more paint than required. So you should be prepared for frequent refills. 

Customer Reviews: Wagner Flexio 890

In their Flexio 890 review, users have reported that working with Wagner Flexio 890 is very easy, thanks to the powerful air turbine technology. It is a great handheld sprayer for DIY enthusiasts because of the easy-to-use control features. Users have also reported that they find Flexio 890 more useful compared to other handheld sprayers as you can use both regular paint and primer in the same device, making it easy to refill it. 

flexio 890's material flow control

However, some customers are not thrilled about the iSpray nozzle as it is prone to clogging and results in over-spraying mist. It is also difficult to use Flexio 890 for fine painted finishes such as cabinets, furniture, trims, and entry doors. Durability is also an issue as users have reported that the components gave away after a single-use.


Can you use Flexio 890 for painting ceilings?

Yes, a larger surface area like a ceiling can be easily painted using this sprayer. It can spray a single coat of a latex-based paint in 4 hours.

Is Flexio 890 covered under any warranty?

The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty so long the sprayer has been used as per the instruction manual.

Do I need a separate air compressor for using Flexio 890?

The sprayer is equipped with a powerful turbine that pushes air on its own. It requires no additional air compressor.

Do I need to put the paint through a strainer before using it?

No, you can directly fill Flexio 890 with paint and use it. Ensure that there are no lumps in the paint.

Can I use Flexio 890 to spray wood stain?

It is possible to spray wood stain with Flexio 890. Make sure to thoroughly clean the sprayer after each use with mineral spirits. In case you are using alcohol-based stains, clean the sprayer with denatured alcohol after every use. 

Do I need to thin the paint before using it?

This will depend on the nozzle you are using. The iSpray nozzle will not require thinning for most materials. The detail finishing nozzle may require thinning.


To summarize our Wagner Flexio 890 review, the Flexio 890 is one of the best HVLP sprayers available in the market for DIY enthusiasts. It is easy to use, clean, and store, making it perfect for home jobs. However, clogging and over-spraying issues may not allow you to reap the benefits of the sprayer. It is also not suited for heavy-duty professional use. If you do not intend to carry out massive painting projects and are looking for a handy tool for regular jobs, Flexio 890 is a good buy.