Wagner Flexio 590 vs 890

Wagner Flexio 590 vs 890

You look around your home and decide that it’s time you do a little painting. The kitchen cabinets look like they could use a little touching up and you wouldn’t mind spray painting the back deck either. If the weather holds out, you might even do some touch-ups on the fencing outside.

You’ll need a reliable paint sprayer for these jobs. Something quick, easy to use, and delivers a smooth, fine finish. Many would recommend one of the most trusted brands of sprayers out there – Wagner. In today’s review, we’re going to be focusing on two of this brand’s best paint sprayers – the Wagner Flexio 890 and the Wagner Flexio 590.

Although similar, both these sprayers have certain distinct features that help them stand out both from other sprayers and each other. If you’re trying to figure out which one to purchase, you’ll first need to ask yourself a few questions.

How big is your project? Is it a small area that you need to paint? Or do you want to cover a lot of surfaces, like your entire interior room?

Are you looking for a sprayer that you can keep tucked away for small refurbishing here and there? Or do you want a system for heavy-duty jobs?

What’s your budget? Are you looking for something pocket-friendly or are you ready to invest in a system for long-term use?

Once you’ve figured out what you want, you’ll be able to decide on which one is a better choice for you. 

Let’s check them out. 

Wagner Flexio 590 vs 890: The Verdict

Both the Wagner Flexio 590 and the Wagner Flexio 890 are good paint sprayers that deliver fine finishes. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor projects. You’ll find them easy to use, quick to clean up, and great investments in the long run. 

If you’re looking for a good device on a budget, then choose the Wagner Flexio 890. It’s your best bet if you want a sprayer at hand just for smaller tasks, like little touch-ups here and there. You can keep it in the back of your car or inside a shelf at home and pull it out whenever you need to. It’s a quick painting or staining fix for small projects and finer details.

If you want to paint large areas quickly, then we suggest you go for the Wagner Flexio 890. It costs more but it will get your job done faster. It’s also a bit better for medium to large projects. This is for when you have large scale jobs to do, like staining a whole fence or painting the entire interior wall. You should also get this if you are a professional sprayer, have commercial projects to work on, or just have a large-scale project to attend to. 

As you can see, both these sprayers are effective in their own ways. You’ll have to assess the size of your project, how much paint you’ll need, and what your ideal time frame is to finish the work. After figuring out what you need and which sprayer is right for you, you can have a blast getting your jobs done and enjoying the best possible results on your projects.

Let us review the products in further detail:

Wagner Flexio 890

Wagner Flexio 890

The Wagner Flexio 890 is a powerful paint sprayer that allows for a range of flexibility of movement. You can use it with many paints and stains. We find this sprayer light to carry around and comfortable to spray with. But with comfort, it also delivers quite a bit of power. This sprayer is both beginners friendly and good for commercial use. Between the two, this is probably better for projects that need to cover a lot of areas. If you’re into spraying commercially or are a serious hobbyist, you’ll like this paint sprayer.


  • Good for commercial and industrial use.
  • Comes with a box in which you can store the hose and other parts.
  • Can spray more material than the Wagner Flexio 590.


  • The Wagner Flexio 890’s fine detail nozzle has been criticized for its inability to handle heavy latex paints. 
  • You have to keep it connected to its power box to use it.

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Wagner Flexio 590

Wagner Flexio 590

The Wagner Flexio 590 is a small and lightweight device that’s great for tackling small jobs with precision. It has an adjustable dial with many speeds, thus giving you a good amount of control over your paint flow. The Wagner Flexio 590 is a relatively quiet machine, making it suitable for indoor painting projects where you may not particularly enjoy the roar of a paint sprayer filling your house. We’d say that this paint sprayer is best for casual odd jobs around the house.


  • The Wagner Flexio 590 is smaller in size and more convenient to carry. 
  • It uses less power.
  • Great for small projects and indoor painting or staining.
  • This sprayer makes less noise than others.
  • The Flexio 590 is more affordable.


  • The Flexio 590 has a smaller nozzle.
  • Its standard nozzle creates a lot of overspray. 
  • This sprayer isn’t recommended for medium or large-scale projects.

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Similarities: Wagner Flexio 590 & 890

Both of these can be used as indoor and outdoor devices

Both the Wagner Flexio 590 and the Wagner Flexio 890 are suitable for interior and exterior projects. Based on the reviews, we’ve tried using them for numerous projects and found them to be safe and effective in different weather conditions.  

Their bodies are lightweight and do not get spoiled in damp weather. This is most likely because they’re made out of plastic. They’re both simple to assemble and take apart to clean. 

Both come with two nozzles

The iSpray and Detail Finish nozzles are common to all the sprayers in the Flexio series. These nozzles let you select from the horizontal and vertical pattern, with a wide or narrow spray. Do you want to speed spray your exterior fence? You can do it with either of these. Do you want to do a little artistic detailing on your cabinet’s panels and trim? Yep, you’ve guessed it – you can use both.  

They’re durable sprayers

Both these devices are durable and long-lasting, therefore either of them is a good investment to make. In fact, this durability is a trademark quality of Wagner and is what has made this brand withstand the test of time to remain one of the best paint sprayer brands out there. 

Wagner offers excellent customer service

If you have any issues with your spraying system, it’s very easy to get the necessary help from the company itself. They’ve set up a quick and helpful customer service process. If you have any missing or defective parts, you can contact them and they’ll you. They’re also good at solving common paint gun problems. Because of this quality, we’d say this brand is a good option for first-time sprayers who may need extra support.

Comparing the Flexio 590 vs 890


The Wagner Flexio 590 is more affordable. This would appeal to budget buyers and one-time users. The Wagner Flexio 890 is more expensive, but not by much. It also comes with more features and applications. 

Size and appearance

Both of these paint sprayers are hand-held HVLPs and are light in weight. They’re good for both indoor and outdoor work, so you can expect a comfortable and ergonomic build. 

Both the Wagner Flexio 590 and the Wagner Flexio 890 sport are yellow and black in color, with a smart-looking plastic outer case that is easy to keep clean.

The Wagner Flexio 590 is smaller in size and is very easy to maneuver. You’ll find the Wagner Flexio 890 larger and heavier.


Both the Wagner Flexio 590 and the Wagner Flexio 890 have powerful X-Boost turbines. The Wagner Flexio 590 can spray around 8 gallons of paint an hour and can cover an 8 by 10-feet surface in under 5 minutes. It’s a self-contained spray gun, with an attached up. You’ll have to plug its cord into a power source to use it.

The Wagner Flexio 890 can spray up to 8 and a half gallons of paint per hour. It can spray an 8 by 10-feet surface in 5 minutes, using even undiluted latex paint. The Wagner Flexio 890 comes with a large turbine unit which you’ll have to keep on the ground. It comes with a wide hose connected to the gun. 


In the world of HVLP sprayers, both these systems are popular amongst people into home improvement. These are faster than paint brushes or rollers by far. They’re much more precise and offer a certain level of ease when it comes to painting far-to-reach corners. It’s also a much more economical option when compared to hiring a contractor. We think as far as HVLP sprayers go – both are good investments in their respective budgets.

The Wagner Flexio 590 delivers the same level of spray as its cousin does, but it takes a bit longer to do so.

The Wagner Flexio 890 is better at spraying certain materials unthinned – such as varnishes, enamels, and acrylics. It can spray latex and enamels too, but you’ll need to dilute those first.

Both come with two nozzles – one for a detailed finish and the other for generally spray-painting larger areas.

As far as criticism about their performance goes, we found that the Wagner Flexio 590 tends to overspray. The gun can get clogged at times and hamper your work’s speed. With the Wagner Flexio 890 – not everyone was impressed with its Detail Finish nozzle as it doesn’t always handle thicker materials that well.

Overall, both spray systems are similarly good in terms of performance.


The cleaning process is very easy to do – just fill the paint compartment in the gun water or cleaning solution and spray it. Now and then, give the gun a shake to rinse the insides.

For best results, research what cleaning solution is best for the material you’ve sprayed with. For latex-based paints and stains, use warm, soapy water. Use mineral spirits to clean up oil-based materials.

Neither the Wagner Flexio 590 nor Wagner Flexio 890 should be cleaned with solvents and lubricants that contain silicone.


Both the Wagner Flexio 590 and the Wagner Flexio 890 come with 20-ounce material cups. There are measurements given in milliliters at the sides of both canisters. This will keep you aware of how much paint you have while spraying.


No matter how good a paint sprayer performs, its most important characteristic will be how long it lasts. If it delivers a great finish but breaks down quickly, it’s not worth your money. Both the Wagner Flexio 590 and the Wagner Flexio 890 have turned out to be strong and long-lasting machines.

Although both of these sprayers are made out of plastic – they are highly durable. They’ve lasted through quite a few projects without much wear. Other customers have remarked on their durability, too. This is great – because plastic is easy to clean. 

Convenient features

Along with having sturdy qualities prized in any top paint sprayer, these two come with a few cool additional features. These give the sprayer a lot of flexibility in terms of what kind of spray they feel comfortable with spraying.

Both the Wagner Flexio 590 and the Wagner Flexio 890 share various nozzles. They both come with two nozzles – the iSpray nozzle for painting large areas, and the Detail Finish nozzle that’s meant for smaller projects that call for a fine finish.

The patterns and paint flow can be controlled by dials on both models. You can control these gradually as opposed to being forced to select from preset options.

The Wagner Flexio 890 comes with a power box that can double as a storage space for the paint sprayer and hose. It needs to be hooked to this power box to operate, which may limit your movement while spraying.


Wagner offers a 1-year warranty on both these units – but only if there are manufacturing defects detected. That means that if your device has any operational problems, or defects due to faulty manufacturing, Wagner’s warranty will cover them. This is only valid for the first year of usage. This warranty turns to 30 days if the sprayer is purchased for commercial or rental use. 

Wagner’s customer service is notable – as many reviewers and customers have mentioned how quick and effective they are in solving customer problems.