Wagner Flexio 590 Review

Wagner Flexio 590

The Wagner Flexio 590 is a powerful machine that promises professional results at an affordable price. The Flexio 590 paint sprayer is easy to setup and a breeze to get started with. The cleanup is also quite easy. The provided documentation in the product manual makes achieving professional spray quality possible for DIYers and beginners. While we have identified issues in our review of the Wagner Flexio 590, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Features like the X-Boost power dial, iSpray & Detail Finish nozzles, material flow control and spray pattern adjustment improve the quality and speed of your painting. According to Wagner, you can spray a 8’ x 10’ surface in just 5 minutes which is 10 times faster than painting with a brush.


X-Boost Power Dial

The Wagner Flexio 590 comes with a variable speed air power control ranging from 1-9 and is set to maximum by default. This is an improvement when compared to the Wagner Flexio 570 which simply has a 2-speed air power control – high and low.

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To add to this, the X-Boost Power Dial is a patented technology that adjusts the air power produced by the turbine. A higher air pressure level (5-9) of the X-Boost Power Dial will result in faster coverage and smoother finish, especially for thicker materials such as latex and primers. For reference, set the air power to 5-8 to spray latex.

To spray thinner materials for intricate jobs, we recommend decreasing the air power levels of the X-Boost power dial. Using a high air power level to spray thinner materials might cause overspray.

Material Flow Control

Turning the red knob on the trigger of the Wagner Flexio 590 will allow you to control the amount of material that is sprayed. We recommend testing your spray pattern on the spray poster included with the 590 or on cardboard/wood before actually working on the desired surface.

Start with the maximum material flow setting for thicker materials and gradually decrease the flow till you attain your desired spray pattern. For thinner materials, start with the lowest material flow setting and increase gradually till you attain your desired spray pattern.

material flow control

iSpray Nozzle

The Wagner Flexio 590 also comes with the iSpray nozzle which allows you to complete large surface projects with a roller-like finish. The iSpray nozzle is perfect for spraying surfaces such as walls, fences & decks that require high material flow & air pressure. With its broad coverage and ability to spray un-thinned material, the iSpray nozzle will allow you to finish your projects 10x faster than a brush or a roller.

Detail Finish Nozzle

The Detail Finish Nozzle is ideal for small surface projects such as cabinets and trims that require finer, smoother finishes. It is designed to spray thinner materials such as oil based stains & paints. If you plan on using thicker material such as latex, we definitely recommend thinning the paint .

Spray Pattern Adjustment

The Wagner Flexio 590 allows you to adjust the shape of the spray pattern by turning the adjustment ring for the iSpray nozzle or the air cap ears for the Detail Finish Nozzle. Please view the manual provided with the Flexio 590 to know more about the position of the air cap and resulting spray patterns.

For the iSpray nozzle only, you can even adjust the width of the spray pattern by using the spray width lever. Use a wide spray pattern for covering large surfaces and a narrow one for covering small surfaces.

Pros of the Wagner Flexio 590

  1. Spray a wide range of materials without having to switch sprayers.
  2. The power of the X-Boost turbine allows faster coverage with a professional finish. It can cover an 8’ x 10’ surface in just 5 minutes. The Wagner Flexio 590 can spray 8 gallons in an hour that, as earlier mentioned, is 10 times faster than a brush.
  3. Achieve precise control over your spray quality by adjusting the flow of material and the pattern of the spray (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, wide, narrow).
  4. The fine results and reasonable price of the Flexio 590 make it perfect for homeowners and DIYers.
  5. Exceptional customer care – Every bad review of the Flexio 590 had a Wagner representative trying to help out the reviewer.

Cons of the Wagner Flexio 590

  1. The overspray can be terrible if you do not adjust the material flow & air pressure levels to suitable levels. We mention optimal levels for material flow and air pressure in the section below.
  2. The weight of the sprayer makes prolonged periods of spraying difficult and can be tiring for your arms. However, it is certainly manageable.
power and material settings
Power & Material Settings

Numerous reviews mention clogging up of the nozzle. However, to prevent the nozzle from frequent clogging, ensure that the tip of the nozzle is clear of debris. Even though this is mentioned in the product manual, the manual does not explain how to do it. A user found that using a little toothbrush to clean the little ring surrounding the tip did the trick. While you might have to clean up frequently, clean up is quite easy.


There are well-documented overspray issues with the Wagner Flexio 590.  We strongly recommend covering up everything else (including the floor) before spraying. You can reduce the level of overspray by correctly adjusting the material flow and air pressure settings. However, many users do not recommend using the Flexio 590 for an indoor job unless you are willing to mask EVERYTHING. It is best suited for outdoor projects such as exterior walls, fences etc.

Also, invest in a good quality respirator such as the real filtering 3M cartridge respirator.

Extra weight

Users reported that the Flexio 590 can be tiring. Since the weight is towards the front of the sprayer, it can be stressful for your wrist. However, this extra weight is mostly due to the 1.5 quart paint cup. You can reduce the amount of paint in the cup but that would mean frequent refilling.

Length of the Power Cord

Users complained about the limited length of the power cord. The power cord can be a pain if you plan on painting areas that may require a ladder to reach to. However, this can be managed by using an adequate extension cord


As mentioned earlier, the Wagner Flexio 590 offers professional results at an extremely affordable price. It does have some problems such as overspray. However, these can be mitigated by following the best practices shared in the product manual. In our opinion, the Flexio 590 is best suited for outdoor projects due to the broad and fast coverage of the iSpray nozzle. The Flexio 590 can handle indoor projects that require detailed finishes if you prepare for overspray issues by masking everything indoors.

If the Wagner Flexio 590 does not seem like the right option for you, check out our post Wagner Flexio 890 review.

Feel free to reach out to us in the comments if you have any questions. We’ll try to answer your queries to the best of our abilities.