Wagner Flexio 570 Review – Should You Buy It?

Wagner Flexio 570 review

The Wagner Flexio 570 is an affordable HVLP paint sprayer that is perfect for DIYers and the homeowners. While not meant for commercial use, the Flexio 570 is suited for small jobs where using a roller or a brush is going to be time-consuming & sloppy. 

Built with two patented technologies – the iSpray nozzle & X-Boost Power Dial, the Flexio 570 provides a consistent, professional finish with fast coverage. The iSpray nozzle & X-Boost Power Dial combine to provide an improved spray pattern with the ability to spray unthinned materials. The sprayer is 8x faster than a brush, allowing you to cover an 8’ x 10’ surface in just a few minutes. Also, the Flexio 570 is significantly quieter and lighter than a traditional airless paint sprayer.

The Flexio 570 does have its flaws. In our review of the Flexio 570, we discovered that the sprayer does clog up excessively if instructions aren’t followed to the tee. 

With the 1-½ quart capacity of the Flexio 570 and its ability to paint 7.2 gallons per hour, you’ll probably find yourself frequently refilling material. Also, similar to the Flexio 590, the 570 does have overspray issues.

The sprayer does have a slight learning curve to it. If you take out the time and effort to go through the instruction manual and follow it correctly, the Flexio 570 will prove to be an excellent tool. If not, you are probably going to end up going back to a roller.

Features of the Wagner Flexio 570

With the Flexio series, Wagner has made a decent attempt to bring provide homeowners with quality paint sprayers at affordable rates. While there are improvements that can be made to the Flexio 570, it comes with impressive features that make your painting project easier:

X-Boost Turbine & Power Dial

The X-Boost turbine is Wagner’s patented technology that provides the Flexio 570 with the ability to spray thicker materials without thinning. Equipped with a “HI” and “LO” speed setting, 

The Flexio 570 promises fast and consistent coverage.

Wagner Flexio 570 X-Boost Power Dial

iSpray Nozzle

Another one of Wagner’s patented designs, the iSpray nozzle is great for painting broad surfaces with unthinned material. Using the iSpray nozzle, you can adjust the shape of the spray pattern – horizontal or vertical and adjust the width of the spray pattern – narrow or wide.

Flexio 570's Adjustable Spray Pattern
Adjustable Spray Pattern

Thanks to Wagner’s Lock-n-Go technology, the iSpray nozzle can be easily separated from the Flexio 570 to be cleaned.

Finally, the iSpray nozzle offers durability and is built with no wear parts for a long life.

Material Flow Control

The material flow control allows you to control the amount of material being sprayed from the Wagner Flexio 570. According to the Flexio 570’s user manual, choose a higher material flow setting for thicker materials and a lower material flow setting for thinner materials.

Material Flow Control


  • Bang for the buck.
  • The fast coverage of the Flexio 570 allows you to finish your painting jobs quickly.
  • Built with non wear parts, the Flexio 570 is a long-lasting machine.
  • Thanks to the iSpray nozzle, you can paint using a variety of materials without even having to thin them.


  • You’ll have to frequently refill material.
  • The sprayer is prone to clogging.
  • There are some issues with overspray.

Customer Reviews for the Flexio 570

We went through all the Wagner Flexio 570 customer reviews on Amazon and sorted them into frequently mentioned themes. This section contains customer response along with our review/opinion.


For most customers, the finish was great even though the Flexio 570 does end up using more paint compared to a roller or a brush.

Pro tip: Do not buy cheap paint. Get the highest quality paint you can afford. We’ll be reviewing the best paints for your projects in a later article. 

If you are not getting a smooth finish, make sure that the yellow set ring is tightly fit and the nozzle is clean. If not, your spray might splatter, creating an inconsistent finish.

Easy Setup & Spray Quality

Thanks to the adjustment ring, iSpray nozzle, the Flexio 570 allowed customers to easily adjust the pattern and width of the spray. Additionally, the amount of paint sprayed can be adjusted by the material flow control technology.

The ease of setup & getting started spraying with the 570 is appreciated by the users. While the machine does have a learning curve to it, it can prove to be a trustworthy solution for your needs if you take out the time to go through the user manual and practice the instructions first.


Wagner claims that the Flexio 570 is 8 times faster than a brush. That isn’t entirely true if you take into account the prep time. If painting indoors, you should definitely cover everything. Also, you have to consider the time required for cleanup & refilling material. We discuss the cleaning up the 570 in the next section.

If you have a smaller project, the time required for prepping & cleanup isn’t going to save you much time. However, you can end up saving hours on bigger projects, especially for an outdoors job.


The cleanup needed for the Flexio 570 has mixed reviews. While some customers described the cleanup process as a breeze, many customers did spend a considerable amount of time & effort for the cleanup.

Pro Tip: Using a wet cloth, periodically wipe off the dried paint from the nozzle to prevent it from clogging up.


The Wagner Flexio 570 holds 1-½ quarts of material. It is able to spray 7.2 gallons per hour. Doing some quick math, you’ll have to refill the cup in less than 3 minutes. You are not going to like it if you are painting a larger area.


While some reviews mentioned severe overspray issues, the numbers of these reviews was limited. It is possible that these customers missed following an instruction or did not cleanup the nozzle properly or were spraying from too far away.

If you plan on buying the Flexio 570, be prepared for at least some level of overspray. Get a good face mask to avoid inhaling it and remember to cover everything.


Our Wagner Flexio 570 review revealed that it is a powerful sprayer that promises a good finish for your painting project. However, be prepared to face and tackle some issues with the sprayer especially considering its price (check the price here).

If you do decide on getting the Flexio 570, remember to read the instruction manual carefully and do a practice run. If you end up facing any issues, reach out to Wagner’s customer care. They are extremely responsive and will help you in resolving your problem.