Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590

Flexio 570 vs 590

With powerful X-Booster turbines, top-of-the-line control settings, and state-of-the-art spray guns – the Flexio 570 and Flexio 590 are self-contained, hand-held spraying systems. They’re 8 -10 times faster than any brush, give you a lot of control over the spray gun. They let you paint with minimal mess, and are easy to clean up. You can spray your selection of paint, stains, or other material straight from the can. These are great tools for both indoor and outdoor projects.

The Flexio HVLP series has five editions, the 570 being the first. The Wagner Flexio 570 is the most basic of these models and comes with the iSpray front end nozzle. This tip is apt for your fence, ceilings, doors, deck, walls, and exterior sidings.

The Flexio 590 is a more advanced version with an iSpray and detail finish nozzle for your trim, furniture, and cabinets. The Flexio 590 can be used to paint your car too. The Flexio 590 costs a bit more than the 570, but it comes with better features. Overall, we think it’s worth spending the extra 30$ to get the 590. Keep reading for an in-depth Flexio 570 vs 590 comparison.

Comparing the Flexio 570 & 590

The Winner
Wagner FLEXiO 590 HVLP Paint Sprayer
Wagner FLEXiO 590 HVLP Paint Sprayer
  • Perfect for a variety of projects
  • Two nozzles included – iSpray & Detail Finish
  • Spray unthinned materials such as latex
  • Adjustable paint flow
  • 10 time faster than a brush
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Runner Up
Wagner FLEXiO 570 Paint Sprayer
Wagner FLEXiO 570 Paint Sprayer
  • Great for household projects
  • Comes only with the iSpray nozzle
  • Has issues with spraying unthinned materials
  • Only 2 speed settings
  • Adjustable material flow
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There are some key differences between the Flexio 570 and the Flexio 590. They differ in size, usage cost, speed, and settings. Let’s see which sprayer is a better option.

Size – The Flexio 570 is a smaller, more lightweight unit than the Flexio 590. Since it is easier to carry and maneuver, it’s handier for smaller jobs, like fences, coffee tables, benches, and furniture. The Flexio 590 is a bit heavier.

Cost –The Flexio 590 is about $30 more expensive than the Flexio 570. However, it is worth the increased price. The Flexio 590 is more powerful and versatile when compared to the Flexio 570. It is a good investment in the long run.

Nozzles – The Flexio 570 comes with only the iSpray nozzle. The Flexio 590 comes with both the iSpray and a detail finish nozzle. The Flexio 590, with its detail finish nozzle, is much better for adding finishing touches to smaller surfaces.

2-Speed airpower controller– The Flexio 570 has only two speed settings on its air power controller. The Flexio 590 comes with ten settings.

Speed– The Flexio 590 is faster. It takes 1 minute to cover an 8’ x 10’ surface with a stain and five minutes with latex paint. The Flexio 570 takes more time since it has less air power settings.

Usage (on different surfaces, with different material) – The Flexio 590 is the better option here. The Flexio 570s iSpray nozzle works well with thick paints and materials, such as solid stains, polyurethane, oil enamels, latex paints plus primers, and oil-based primers. Whereas the Flexio 590 comes with both the iSpray and the detail finish nozzle that can better accommodate stains and thinner materials, such as water-based lacquers.

Fan Control – The Flexio 570 spray gun’s width isn’t as narrow or fine as the 590, so it’s tougher to work with when it comes to finishing. The 590 also has more fan adjustment controls that the 570 does.

Wagner Flexio 590

The Winner
Wagner Flexio 590

The Wagner Flexio 590 is a medium-priced unit with a powerful turbine. It comes with two nozzles and containers. The iSpray nozzle is great for thicker materials and paints like latex. It also comes with the detail finish nozzle, which is suitable for thinner materials for finer finishes. The Flexio 590 is ideal for painting doors, shelves, trim, cabinets, mantles, your garage, outside and inside decks and ceilings. It also comes with cup liners. The Flexio 590 is quieter and lighter than traditional paint sprayers.


ModelSpraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590
Weight2.11 pounds
Product Dimensions15.9 x 6.7 x 13.9 inches
Spray Type & PatternHorizontal, vertical, and diagonal fan pattern
Power SourceCordless electric
Max Flow Rate8 gallons per hour
Warranty Description1 year from date of purchase


  • Powerful motor – The patented X-Boost turbine ensures this unit is 10 times faster than any brush. It’s powerful enough to spray material without thinning them before-hand.
  • More control, less mess – The X-Boost power dial has 10 speed settings. You can comfortably adjust the flow of material. Pattern adjustment can be horizontal or vertical. They can also be wide or narrow.
  • Includes 2 front-end nozzles –
    • iSpray nozzle: good for large projects and thick materials, and the detail finish nozzle, perfect for small projects and fine finishing with thinner materials.
    • The detail finish nozzle: great for applying a smooth and consistent finish on furniture, walls, ceilings, exterior siding, fences, cabinets, trim, and more.
  • Advanced speed settings – The turbine has 10 speed settings to easily adjust the flow of material and achieve precise control. Fan adjustment can be horizontal or vertical and wide or narrow.
  • Quick and easy cleanup – the clean up only takes about 5 minutes.
  • Quick results – It takes 1 minute to cover an 8’ x 10’ surface with a stain and five minutes with latex paint.

Read our review of the Wagner Flexio 590 for more details. Also, if you are looking for something more powerful, checkout the Wagner Flexio 890.

Wagner Flexio 570

Runner Up
Wagner Flexio 570

The Wagner Flexio 570 is the smaller and lighter unit between the two. Being easy to maneuver, it is ideal for small projects, like touch up jobs or painting furniture. The Flexio 570 is also suitable for applying heavier materials, such as latex and thick paints. It comes with one nozzle and has two air power settings. It has a variable fluid control. This sprayer costs slightly less than the Flexio 590. The sprayer comes with a detailed manual, the iSpray nozzle, and a 1.5-quart cup container. The Flexio 570 is popular with hobbyists, DIY-ers, and weekend warriors.


ModelSpraytech 0529011 FLEXiO 570 Paint Sprayer
Weight1 pound
Product Dimensions15 x 6 x 11 inches
Spray Type & PatternHorizontal, vertical, and diagonal fan pattern
Power SourceCordless electric
Max Flow Rate7.2 gallons per hour
Warranty Description1 year from date of purchase


  • Powerful motor: It has a patented X-Boost turbine. It is eight times faster than any roller or brush. You’ll save a lot of time and effort with this air sprayer.
  • Smooth finish: You’ll be pleased when you see how consistent your finishes will be. The Flexio 590 gives quick coverage for household projects like walls, ceilings, fences, exterior siding, and more.
  • Sprays different materials – With an RPM of 65,000, the X-Boost turbine is powerful enough to spray unthinned paints and stains.
  • Wide fan: The wide fan is suitable for thicker materials, such as 2-in-1 paints and primers, latex, and oil enamels.
  • The iSpray: The front end nozzle allows 65% more airflow within the machine. It provides an efficient spray pattern. It has variable paint flow, changeable pattern size, and direction (horizontal and vertical)
  • Two speed settings – You can use the high-air power option for faster coverage and a smoother finish.
  • Variable fluid control – The fluid control settings allow you to adjust the amount of fluid you’re using – 1 being the lowest and 12 being the highest.
  • Less Overspray – More control when compared to many other paint sprayers, which means a smoother job and less mess.
  • Saves money – The consistent and quick painting outcome will mean that you end up using less paint. You’ll end up saving money in the long run.
  • Easy cleanup – Allows for a quick and easy cleanup. You simply need soap and water to clean the sprayer.

Read our review of the Wagner Flexio 570 for more details.

Conclusion: Our Winner – The Flexio 590

Based on accessories, settings, ease of use, and versatility, we’re going to have to go with the Flexio 590 over the Flexio 590. We think it’s a worthwhile investment and will prove to be cheaper in the long run. You’ll have more uses for this device, and you’ll find that it can pretty much do whatever the Flexio 570 does – and more. The only downsides are that it is heavier and more expensive. But in the long term, it’s a good investment.