Earlex HV5500 Review

Review of Earlex hv5500

If I have to summarise my Earlex 5500 review in a single sentence, I would say the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station is a simple to use tool that makes it very easy to produce a professional, fine finish for a user at any expertise level. 

Officially named the “Spray Station HV5500” the tool is a high volume low pressure (HVLP) and as for most other HVLP it is a precision tool that works especially great for woodworking, automobiles and other areas where the finish is of utmost importance. 

The spray station has 4 important parts (in addition to the spray gun) – first is the one-quart, wide-mouthed paint container, second is the on-board storage for the spray gun, third is the 13-foot air hose, and fourth is the 5.5-foot power cord. The lengthy air hose and power cord makes movement around a large area very easy. The on-board storage for the spray gun makes the tool further convenient.

The easy portability, a relatively lesser number of spare parts, easy assembly, and a great level of finish make the tool a good choice for semi-professionals and even beginners with a decent knowledge of spray painting. That being said, to address any further questions you might have about the tool and to help you understand whether this is the right tool for you, we have delved more into details below:


Adjustable settings to control flow and pattern

The Earlex 5500 spray station comes with a flow control dial which, as the name suggests, allows the user to control the flow of the spray as per their requirements. The flow control dial comes in the form of a metal knob that can be loosened or tightened in order to increase or decrease the flow. 

To add to this, the push-and-click spray pattern changing system allows you to change the pattern of the flow to round, horizontal, and vertical. The different spray patterns make the tool equally good for both flat surfaces and uneven surfaces with detailed work like spindles.

This ability to change the flow and the pattern of the spray makes the tool useful for different applications. Plus, it adds a great precision to all your paint jobs.


The light space station with an on-board storage, the 13-foot air hose, and a long 5.5-foot power cord makes the tool easy to move around even around vast projects, and extends its reach. 

This ability is enviable for many HVLP spray painters on the market. 

Superior Finish

With a professional spray gun and a power-packed turbine, the Earlex Spray Station HV5500 ensures that the user is able to execute a superior finish. This quality of the finish is all the more evident on woodworking projects. To add to this, handling the tool requires minimal expertise to achieve this finish. Hence, this tool is equally good in the hands of beginners and semi-pros. 

Easy to use

We did not talk about this earlier, but the Earlex 5500 is very easy to use. It requires minimal assembling when taking out of the box and is almost ready to use as it is. The setup is as easy as it gets. The adjustable pattern and flow settings, and the portability further adds to the ease of use of the tool in different conditions and around different projects. 

Post usage the clean up of the paint container is also super easy thanks to its teflon coating.

Compatible Material

The Earlex HV5500 Spray Station works great with both water-based and oil-based materials. Compatible materials include but are not limited to varnishes, acrylics, enamels, lacquers, oils, and thinned latex.


As per the product manual provided by Earlex, the tool’s specifications are as follows:

  1. Turbine: A 2 stage, 650-watt powerful turbine that ensures a great finish. 
  2. Hose: A 13 ft hose allows easy to move around the property while painting. 
  3. Power Cord: 5.5 ft power cord.
  4. Gun: The metal gun is equipped with a 2 mm stainless tip and the wide-mouthed paint container that comes with the gun is 1 quart Teflon coated which makes it all the more durable. 
earlex 500


  1. This tool is one of the few guns that is compatible with a wide variety of water-based and oil-based solutions. 
  2. The Earlex 5500 station is received in an almost ready to use out of the box condition that makes it easier for beginners to start using it. 
  3. The 3 flow patterns allow an equally good finish for both flat and uneven spaces. The round pattern is especially great for tight spots.
  4. Both the power cord and the hose that come with the tool are decently lengthy which makes the tool easy to move around when you are working in bigger areas. Along with this a carry handle on the station allows easier handling.
  5. The tool with its powerful turbine, the ability to adjust between spray patterns and flow, and better atomization at the tip produces a superior finish with less overspray.


  1. Due to the design of the Earlex 5500, the hose and the spray guns can at times get disconnected (pop out) which can be both time-wasting and frustrating. 
  2. Like many other spray guns on the market, the Earlex 5500 could not do away with the noise that accompanies the painting which again can be an irritant. 
  3. It would have been a great advantage if the spray station also had an onboard storage option for accessories such as the cleaning brush and the viscosity cup. 

What other users had to say

earlex 5500 spray station

While we have aimed to keep our review of the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station as comprehensive as possible in order to help you make an informed decision, it will be incomplete if we do not add here the experiences of people who have actually used the tool. 

Value for Money: At about $300, this tool is a great value for money and we have read many reviews where customers have mentioned that they have replaced their costlier guns with this one. 

Easy to Clean: Customers are especially impressed by how easy it is to clean the Teflon lined paint container. This ability of the tool multiplies the efficiency of the gun when using multiple colors/ paints/ solutions one after the other.  

Hose Design: By design, there are no notches or locks to hold the hose with the gun. The attachment between the hose and the gun is purely friction-based and hence when you move the station the hose might get loose and pop out of the gun. This is an irritant as it might require you to fix the hose frequently. If this happens while the gun is in use, it can result in a blob of paint being shot out on your project.

Pro Tips: Some of the pro-tips we could find for you from the many reviews we browsed through:

  • The station by default comes with a 2.00 mm needle. Do order an additional 1.5 mm needle (or even a 1.00 mm needle) if you want a fine finish.
  • Order a cleaning kit as well. The tool is super easy to clean up and having a cleaning kit will be a great help. You can thank us later. 
  • If you are a first time user, there are numerous instructional videos on YouTube to help you get the maximum out of the tool.


Summing up our Earlex HV5500 review, the spray station is a great entry-level tool for beginners and semi-pros. It is one of the best HVLP spray guns for woodworking projects. The finish is of high quality. The tool is easy to use and fairly mobile. However, the popping out of the hose might be an irritant (assuming Earlex has not made any improvements on that front). That being said, in our assessment the tool is definitely worth its cost and should definitely be considered when making a selection.