DeVilbiss StartingLine vs FinishLine: First Impressions

Devilbiss startingline and finishline

DeVilbiss is well known for manufacturing high-end spray guns for automotive painting and for general painting jobs. The StartingLine and FinishLine are two very popular models from this brand.

Let’s start the showdown between the DeVilbiss StartingLine vs Finishline by comparing the qualities of both the DeVilbiss models. The DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 is an entry-level spray gun. It is perfect for a variety of automobile painting jobs. It comes with two spraying guns. The mini detail gun gets you an excellent finish and also allows you to paint smaller surfaces with higher precision. The full-size spray gun can be used for painting larger surface areas quickly. You can also adjust the air pressure in the spraying gun using a regulator. Increasing air pressure is important for atomizing thicker paints such as acrylic paints that can help you to paint wider surfaces more efficiently.

This model offers three painting tips – 1 .0 mm fluid tip, a 1.3 mm fluid tip, and a 1.8 mm tip, that can be used for different purposes. For example, a 1.0 mm tip is best suited for touch ups and a 1.3 mm tip can be used for applying basecoats. The 1.8 mm tip is great for applying primers and other heavy bodied materials.

The DeVilbiss FinishLine 4 FLG-670 is a high-end paint sprayer that delivers professional finish in a few minutes. It has superior paint atomization technology to reduce overspray. This model is made out of forged aluminum. Anodized aluminum makes it very convenient to clean the sprayer thoroughly. This model also comes with three tips of different diameters that can be used with different types of painting mediums. These tips make it a great choice for serious hobbyists or professionals who are looking for a painting gun that can be used for a specific type of material. The air adjusting valves deliver soft and uniform spraying patterns. It also gives you better control over the airflow so that you can get consistent results.

About DeVilbiss StartingLine 

Devilbiss StartingLine

DeVilbiss StartingLine is easy to clean, disassemble, operate, and reassemble. It is also easy to carry it around as it comes with a molded carry case. The molded carry case is great for keeping all your paint gun tools and accessories together. The spray paint gun has a metallic body making it extremely durable. You don’t have to make too many adjustments to start using the DeVilbiss StartingLine model, making it a perfect fit for hobbyists and beginners who want a high performing device at a reasonable price. It is also extremely compact and lightweight. You can separate the parts of the sprayer to clean it thoroughly using warm soapy water.

However, this device is prone to leaks. You may not find the build of the spray paint guns very sturdy. It is very difficult to remove the painting tip that comes attached to the painting gun. You may even face clogging issues with the 1.8 mm tip. The painting cups are not very robust, leading to leakage of the paint from the device. Further, a separate air compressor of 6 or above at 90 PSI will have to be purchased as this is not an airless sprayer. There is no in-built turbine or an in-built source of air pressure. 

If you are looking for a sprayer meant for heavy-duty professionals, it is better to skip this one. Further, this sprayer cannot be used for completing regular household painting jobs given its incompatibility with thicker paints such as latex, enamels, and chalk paint. The plastic gaskets around the painting cups are also quite fragile and may break easily.  

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About DeVilbiss FinishLine 

devilbiss finishline

If you are an amateur painter who wants to achieve results like a pro, DeVilbiss FinishLine is for you. It is extremely easy to use and operate, thanks to the detailed user manual it comes with. It is also lightweight and has a long handle. The ergonomic design ensures that you don’t experience any fatigue even while working for long hours at a stretch. It is also very easy to disassemble for a thorough cleaning, and easy to maneuver into tighter corners. You can also use this sprayer for home improvement jobs such as painting cabinets and trims, provided you are using the right tip. If you want to use painting materials of higher viscosity, DeVilbiss the ideal choice as there are no unwanted drips or streaking.

Unfortunately, the absence of a carrying case makes it difficult to store the accessories safely. It is also difficult to carry the sprayer around for various painting tasks. The painting cups do not come with any filter, increasing the chances of contaminating the paint. The tips are also very difficult to disassemble, and you will need to purchase an additional wrench for the same. 

If you want to upgrade your existing automobile sprayer for a high-performing gun but do not want to spend too much, DeVilbiss FinishLine is for you.

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Final Verdict: DeVilbiss StartingLine or FinishLine?

StartingLine model offers complete value for money. It delivers the results that one would expect from a paint sprayer that is at least 4 times more expensive. If you want to achieve consistent results and are looking for an inexpensive tool that is perfect for touch-ups and other small jobs, StartingLine is a great purchase. It is also your go-to tool for automobile painting and converting it into a work of art. 

If you don’t mind spending a little more to achieve professional results, FinishLine is the ideal pick. The tool is simple enough to be used by both amateurs and professionals. It is also more durable, compared to StartingLine. 

Both the spraying guns have been made with the same attention to detail but the quality of materials for StartingLine is not the same as FinishLine. The StartingLine gun is not long-lasting but it’s cheaper. On the other hand, the FinishLine gun is more expensive but also lasts longer. 

StartingLine also scores major brownie points over FinishLine for the included carrying case it comes along with.

To conclude our DeVilbiss StartingLine vs FinishLine 4 article, on the basis of price alone, the StartingLine model is a clear winner. It performs well but does not cost as much. However, if you are looking for something that can be used for achieving professional results, then FinishLine is a clear choice.