12 Best Paint Sprayers for Cabinets


Are you looking for the best way to paint your kitchen cabinets? If so, we’re here to guide you. Whether you want to do some touch-ups on the panels and sides or are planning on sanding down and completely changing your cabinet’s look – we’ve got you covered. 

More people are realizing how many benefits using a paint sprayer has over a traditional paintbrush or a roller over time. Not only are these sprayers faster, more efficient, and deliver a better finish – they’re also fun to paint with. 

You might be confused about which kind of sprayer is good for your kitchen cabinet, especially since many brands and models are out in the market. Don’t worry, after reading our list of the top 12 best paint sprayers for cabinets, you’ll feel like a bit of an expert on the subject. We’ve also included a buying guide to help you pick out which one is the best choice for you.

But first – here are our top 3 picks based on ease, professional abilities, and budget.

Best Overall
HomeRight C800766, C900076 Finish Max Paint Sprayer
HomeRight C800766, C900076 Finish Max Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 has emerged as our favorite sprayer for painting cabinets! With its awesome, user-friendly features and multiple settings, you’ll be able to paint those cabinets with comfort.

Best Professional
HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer, Super Finish Max
HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer, Super Finish Max

Want to paint your cabinets like a pro? Then the HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max is the sprayer for you! It delivers a smooth spray with speed and precision. Perfect for indoor projects, like cabinets.

Budget Pick
Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty
Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty

If you’re looking for a versatile and precise sprayer, you should pick the Wagner 0518050. It has some excellent features for its price range. It can spray many materials and you can clean it up quickly, too.

Now, on to our list.

This line up of paint sprayers includes a variety of sprayers. You’ll find that we’ve included mostly HVLP models. This is because those provide the precision required for painting a kitchen cabinet.

The 12 Best Paint Sprayers For Cabinets

1) HomeRight Finish Max C800766

First, on our list is the user-friendly and lightweight HomeRight Finish Max C800766 HVLP spraying system. This paint sprayer is a favorite with DIYers and beginner painters due to its adjustable settings and simple set up. The sprayer utilizes 400 watts of power and creates a nice clean finish. It uses brass spray tip technology that makes it resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 is easy to disassemble and clean – making it one of the most convenient tools on our list.

The Finish Max C800766 has an air turbine, ensuring you don’t need to buy an added air compressor. This will save you time and money and ensure the simplicity of the setup. It’s a lightweight sprayer and easy to maneuver. You’ll find it quite handy when it comes to reaching into those difficult corners of your cabinets or spraying over the cabinet details, the inner shelves, or drawer bottoms.

Different settings to choose from

The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 has adjustable settings on the spray gun. There is a material flow control knob that gives you the power to manipulate the stream of paint you’re using. You can adjust the fan to spray horizontally, vertically, and in a rounded shape. This nifty feature means it can spray a wide variety of materials, including chalk type paint, milk paint, enamels, latex paints, polyurethane, clear sealer, primers, stains varnish. You’ll be able to spray both water-based and oil-based materials with comfort. 

Durable brass nozzle

The Finish Max comes with a 2 mm. precision brass spray tip and nozzle. These tips are also sturdier and stronger than their plastic counterparts. Plastic can warp and change shape due to the intense heat that paint sprayers are normally subject to. But brass is durable and remains unaffected by temperature changes. This sprayer will not lose its efficiency and shape, no matter how much you use it. This makes it a good investment.

Easy to use and clean

You’ll love how easy it is to use this spray gun! You won’t have to spend hours just setting it up, you’ll be able to do that in just a few minutes. Since it can spray many materials, you can use it for different projects without wasting time in switching from sprayer to sprayer. It’s also helpful that it comes with a viscosity cup, to measure the paint thickness. 

After your project is done, just take the HomeRight Finish Max C800766 and clean it out with either water or a mineral based cleanser. This unit comes with a cleaning brush to ensure you get at all the stubborn paint quickly.

The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 gives you just the right amount of control over the density and intensity of your spray. Just be mindful of cleaning the system and gun regularly and using the recommended settings for the material you’re using. It comes with a large 27-ounce paint cup. You won’t have to spend time transferring material from container to container. This makes it apt for painting cabinets and other detail-oriented projects. Therefore, it’s number 2 on our list of the best paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets.

  • This unit is lightweight.
  • It has a versatile adjustable tip.
  • Good for both thick and thin materials.
  • Durable brass parts make it immune to temperature changes.
  • This is a reliable gun.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • User-friendly with a simple design.
  • Minor cup leakage issues.
  • The sprayer can get clogged without regular cleaning and careful adjustments.
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2) HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max

Durability, versatility, and power – that’s what you can expect from the premium HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max. This top-notch self-contained, HVLP spraying system uses 450 watts of power to deliver a smooth and consistent finish. It’s suitable for both large and small projects thanks to its versatility and numerous settings. You can count on this unit to last you a very long time thanks to its sturdy body and superior nozzle technology. 

The Finish Max packs a punch but is a lightweight system with a nice, streamlined design, making it apt for painting cabinets, interior walls, fences, and other small projects. It’s ergonomically designed to fit into your hand and cause you as little discomfort as possible. You won’t need hoses, pumps, or air compressors with this unit – making it easy to maneuver while you paint. This also comes with a magnificent 40 oz paint cup—no need to waste energy on moving paint from canister to canister. You’ll love how much time you save while painting with this.

Great features

The HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max comes with a flow control knob, conveniently placed on its trigger. This will help you control the amount of paint you want to spray on your cabinet. It’s also cool that the motor power and versatile nozzle settings enable it to handle both thick and thin materials. This includes latex paint, chalk paint, stains, and sealers. The machine’s strong brass spray nozzle is a unique feature in this series. It ensures that the spray tip does not warp due to heat and lengthens the device’s life. This will hold even if you use it repeatedly.

Variety of spray tips

The HomeRight Super Finish Max comes with 3 different spray tips – a 1.5mm, 2mm, and 4mm. You’ll find this useful when you’re experimenting with different materials. You have the freedom to use this nozzle with three other tips as well. An additional feature is that you won’t have to thin some of the heavier paints. You’ll save time on that process without compromising a quality finish. It also comes with 3 different fan settings. You can spray your material horizontally, vertically, or in a rounded pattern.

Easy to maintain

Additionally, the HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max is easy to keep clean. The brass nozzle is resistant to wear and tear. It’s protected against corrosion. It’s easy to move and delivers a smooth, professional-looking, fine finish. We’d say it’s excellent value for money and suitable for refurbishing furniture of any kind. You will have to pay attention to keeping it clean to keep it performing well. Just take extra care of it, and you’ll agree that this is one of the best HVLP sprayers to use for your kitchen cabinet.

  • Finishes the job very quickly.
  • Can use a wide array of paints and materials
  • Minimal material thinning is required.
  • Portable
  • It has a versatile adjustable tip.
  • Durable brass parts make it immune to temperature changes.
  • Reliable and easy to set up
  • User-friendly with a simple design.
  • Requires maintenance to ensure good performance.
  • The sprayer can get clogged if not careful.
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3) Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty

Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty

If you want to use a high performing and versatile HVLP spray gun to paint your cabinet – the Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty is a good choice. With an array of adjustments to choose from and two material cups – this spraying system will suit many of your painting needs. It certainly does ours. The sprayer uses a two-stage indoor/outdoor rated air turbine, which helps it deliver a silky-smooth finish to your surface.

Versatility & precision 

The nozzle on the Wagner 0518050 comes with three different spraying patterns – horizontal, vertical, or spherical. These deliver a nice, even coverage so you won’t find any unsightly blobs on your cabinet. You’ll like many adjustments that can be made. There’s a material flow setting on the gun’s trigger that goes from 1 inch to 10 inches. The variable trigger on the rig can spray up to 5 ounces of paint a minute. These settings are what make this such a precise tool. 

Can use many materials

The Wagner 0518050 can apply thin materials, such as varnishes, stains, urethanes, and sealers, as well as thinned latex paints. You might be able to use thicker paints, too, but it’s recommended that you thin those first. It comes with two sturdy paint cups – a 1 quart for smaller interior work and a 1.5 quart for slightly larger projects.

Quick and easy clean up

The best part of any machine is how quickly and easily you can start it and maintain it, right? It only takes 5 minutes to set up the Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty. You can clean it up in less than 10 thanks to its lock-and-go technology. 

With all these great features and an affordable price tag, it’s no wonder that this spraying system is considered one of the best. Just keep an eye on the nozzle for any dried paint that may clog the gun, and you will enjoy optimal performance.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Easy to use.
    This is easy to clean up.
  • The settings make this a versatile unit.
  • Comes with 2 material cups
  • Clogs if not cleaned and maintained properly.
  • Not great for thick materials. We will have to thin them before use.
  • A little heavy on the hand.
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4) Graco Ultra Cordless 17M363


The Graco Ultra Cordless 17M363 is the first airless paint sprayer to make our list. Usually, airless sprayers lack the finesse for projects such as cabinet painting, but this unit is different. It’s cordless and easy to use, portable and delivers a fine finish in record time. This is a handheld sprayer that works efficiently and with less overspray and better material control. Although not the cheapest option on our list, it is a durable spray gun that can deliver professional level results. 

The Graco Ultra Cordless paint sprayer has been designed specifically for small interior and exterior projects. Powered by DeWalt XR 20V lithium-ion batteries, it can spray up to one gallon per charge. This is very convenient for those who dislike the limited movements of a corded sprayer. It has adjustable motor speed and pressure control settings. Utilizing a pro-connect pump replacement system – this is a fully repairable unit. You won’t need to purchase a new set if something goes wrong with this one, as you can just repair it. (But the chances of this unit lasting a very long time are high.)

Powerful yet lightweight

The Graco Ultra Cordless is made from premium stainless steel and carbide materials. The sprayer is powered by a triple piston Triax pump that can belt out up to 2000 units of pressure per square inch. Yet, with all this horsepower, the unit is light in weight and easy to use for your cabinets and other indoor painting projects. This makes it unique amongst its other airless counterparts. But like its peers, this delivers paint very quickly – thus saving you a lot of time.

Can use many materials

You’ll find that the Graco Ultra Cordless 17M363 is quite a versatile unit. This system’s spray tip ranges from .008 to .016mm in size – so it can deal with a wide range of materials and paints. These include latex, stains, water-based stains and paints, acrylics, poly, and more. It sprays water and mineral spirits-based materials with ease. 

Reversible tips

The Reverse-A-Clean X FFLP switch tips that this comes with are also a special feature. They’re super durable and straightforward to clean. You can just reverse them if one side gets clogged. These RACxFFLP tips are also usable with other Graco paint sprayers. Due to these sophisticated tips, the gun delivers a consistent flow of paint. This results in a beautiful and smooth fine finish.

Easy to clean

The Graco Ultra Cordless 17M363 is easy to clean. It’s speedy and simple and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. It comes with large FlexLiner carrying bags – so you can safely transport this sprayer wherever you want to. 

The only downside is that you will have to keep filling the machine with paint because it can hold less paint than some of the other cups at a time. But it’s superior quality, excellent fine finish, and useful versatility is what makes this spraying system rank so high up on our list.

  • This is a lightweight unit
  • Durable
  • Triax triple piston pump
  • Easy to clean
  • Cordless and portable
  • This is a fully repairable machine
  • Comes with replacement tips that can be used with other Graco machines
  • Requires frequent refilling
  • Isn’t it suitable for larger painting jobs
  • Can’t handle lacquer paint
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5) REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray 


With 700 watts of power and a 100-ounce material cup, you can tell from the get-go that the REXBETI Ultimate-750 is a formidable HVLP unit. While it’s slightly heavier than others, this powerful paint sprayer gives you some mobility with its 2-meter long extension cord. The sprayer delivers consistently smooth finishes and can spray a wide range of materials. It does all this quite quickly. We found this to be quite a stylish model! If you’re into sharp aesthetics as well as good performance, this might be a good choice for you.

Lightweight and comfortable to use

Thanks to its pretty plastic body, the REXBETI Ultimate-750 is light in weight. You’ll be able to move it around with ease. It’ll be a piece of cake to get into those pesky far reaching places. This paint sprayer is also designed in such a way that it fits into your hand like a glove. You won’t experience hand-fatigue with this sprayer, so you’ll be able to keep spraying without getting tired. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes and that’s always a plus point.

Three different fan patterns

You can experiment with your spray in a horizontal, vertical, and rounded pattern. There are adjustments for the paint sprayer’s material flow and speed as well. It has a maximum flow rate of 750ml per minute. You can set the flow rate with its adjustable knobs. This makes it easy to alter according to your painting project. You can paint on high or low, quickly, or slowly, according to your preference. Whichever combination you pick, you’re sure to get a smooth and fine finish on your cabinet. With this amount of customization – the REXBETI Ultimate-750 creates a comfortable and quick painting experience. This is a great machine to use on your kitchen cabinet or for any interior paint job.

Interchangeable nozzles

The REXBETI Ultimate-750 comes with 3 different interchangeable nozzles – a 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, and a 3mm nozzle – making it ideal for painting with several materials. It can paint with thin varnishes to chalk paints, acrylics, and thick polyurethane. You can choose whichever material you’d like to paint with and get started. Just be careful with keeping it maintained because the gun can get clogged or spit up paint at times. It’s straightforward to dismantle this unit and clean it thoroughly. It comes with a funnel, a cleaning needle, and a user’s manual. We recommend that you purchase extra paint containers to ensure its longevity.

  • This is a powerful machine.
  • Comes with a long cable.
  • It can hold a large volume of paint at a time.
  • It can use various materials.
  • Nice adjustment and settings.
  • Variable fan pattern.
  • Made of ABS plastic, which may be less durable.
  • The machine can get clogged if not careful.
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6) Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG

Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG Siphon Gun

The Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG is a cute looking spray system perfect for painting small projects in and around the house. It’s basically a spray gun that you can attach to any kind of paint container. The company recommends using mason jars! Not only are those affordable, but they also look quite adorable.

Quick fixer on a budget

Although small, it delivers quite a good, even finish. The only downside is that you’ll need to get a compressor to make it work. Other than that, it’s quite handy for painting small details on your cabinet, like the doors, drawers, or side panels. It’s also good for refurbs and touch-ups. You won’t have to waste paint since you’ll be able to fill just enough in the Mason jar. This is a good budget option for anyone looking for a simple spraying system without too many features. If you want to get straight to the spraying bit, the Critter Spray is for you. You’ll like that it’s suitable for latex and lacquers. 

Easy to operate and clean

The Critter Spray is super easy to operate. Just set the air pressure on the compressor and spray away. You can adjust the nozzle up or down. You’ll be able to spray at a steady circular pattern. This is also easy to clean, since you’ll only have to cleanse the liquid tube and nozzle. You can even attach this to different containers other than mason jars! Space for creativity? Yes, why not.

If you’re looking for a quick fixer on a budget that looks cute while making other things look cute (with paint), then the Critter Spray Products 22032 118SG is a good, simple paint sprayer to go with. The only downer is that you’ll have to get a separate external air compressor. Once you do, it’ll be a breeze painting with this.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • You’ll have to purchase an external compressor.
  • Only suitable for small jobs.
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7) Graco Ultra Corded 17M359

The Graco Ultra Corded 17M359 is a powerful yet lightweight airless paint spraying option with a good range of settings. These will ensure a nice and even finish to your kitchen cabinets or any item of furniture that you’re getting ready to paint. In fact, it’s highly recommended specifically for the quality of its finish. This Graco Ultra Corded will deliver high quality regardless of which material you choose to paint with. It can also paint with unthinned materials easily. The machine consists of stainless steel and carbide components and sprays between 500-2000 PSI.

Easy to use

This is a great unit for new painters. It’s so easy to use and provides good results regardless of how experienced you are. It can work with a range of coatings and paints because of its tips ranging from .008 to .016. You can spray water-based paints, acrylics, enamels, and stains. You’ll love how you can multitask with this tool. It comes with a powerful and durable Triax triple piston pump. 

Replaceable parts

Another cool feature of the Graco Ultra Corded 17M359 system is that you can replace the pump immediately if it gets clogged. All you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver and a little light. Will that help you if the spray gun gets clogged? It may not, but this neat machine comes with an option just for that, in the form of RAC switch tips. These can be reversed if they get clogged. How cool is that? You can use these tips with other Graco products, too.

The Graco Ultra Corded 17M359 also comes with 32-ounce FlexLiner bags. Overall, this airless paint sprayer is a quality product. It also comes with fully replaceable parts. The only downside is that the price may be a little high for some. Honestly, the features and fine finish are worth the investment.

  • It is fully repairable.
  • Delivers an expertly professional finish.
  • Can use latex and other heavy materials without having to thin them beforehand.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • It has a powerful Triax Triple Piston pump.
  • Louder than other spray painters
  • Comparatively expensive.
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8) Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer

We personally love the Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 590. It is one of the most versatile HVLP models in the market and good for interior and exterior projects. With its powerful patented X-Boost turbine, this unit can spray up to 8 gallons of paint per hour. The Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 590 has many paint flow adjustments and comes with two distinct nozzles. This makes it good for both large projects and small projects, such as your kitchen cabinets. We had to go ahead and vote this versatile paint sprayer as our number 1 for indoor cabinets.

The Wagner FLEXiO 590 has the powerful X-Boost turbine that ensures speed – it can cover an 8 x 10-inch surface in one minute (for stains) or 5 minutes (for heavy paints, like latex). This unit can spray unthinned interior and exterior paints and stains. You won’t have to spend time diluting your paint or stain before applying it. This is said to give a charming fabric-like effect on your kitchen cabinet.

Powerful turbine

Another great feature the Wagner FLEXiO 590 has is its X-Boost power dial. With a whopping number of speed settings – 10 to be exact – this will give you a good amount of control over the material that you’re spraying. The lower settings are good for lighter materials, and as you go higher up, you’ll be able to control even thick latex paint breezily. We were especially careful to match the gun’s power setting to the material we were using and got o outstanding results.

Two nozzles

The best part about the Wagner FLEXiO 590 is that it comes with two excellent nozzles – the iSpray and the Detail Finish Nozzle. The iSpray covers large areas with ease while the Detail Finish nozzle gives you that extra edge in covering smaller areas – with a professional-looking fine finish. It also gives excellent coverage – so you won’t fall victim to a patchy paint job. Additionally, the fan pattern can be adjusted to a horizontal or vertical spray with a wide or narrow flow. 

When you consider that, on top of all this, this machine is quieter and lighter than your average airless spray gun – it’s become a no brainer that the Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 590 tops our list of paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets. It doesn’t stop there – this sprayer is good for painting a wide variety of furniture, including walls, ceilings, exterior slidings, fences, and more.

  • A versatile unit, good for many projects, including interior and exterior painting.
  • It comes with a fine finish nozzle – making it perfect for painting cabinets.
  • It’s 50% quieter than traditional airless sprayers – making this a good suit for indoor projects.
  • Lightweight gun, so you won’t feel tired when using it.
  • Has 3 fan pattern adjustments.
  • You can use latex, stains, oil-based paints, and urethane.
  • Gives excellent coverage.
  • It can throw up large chunks of paint during the initial use.
  • It can result in overspray if not adjusted properly.
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9) Astro 4008 Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun

This paint sprayer is a simple but effective choice. It is the Astro 4008 Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun – the only pneumatic gun to have made it to this list. While you’ll need to purchase an air compressor with this gun, it will deliver an even finish with good coverage. A cool feature of the Astro 4008 is that you can hold the machine at any angle, and the paint won’t fall out. This is thanks to its anti-spill technology. This feature makes this spray gun good for painting ceilings too, and not just cabinets.

Anti-spill air feed line

One of the best parts of the Astro 4008 is that you can hold it at any angle and spray away. Thanks to it’s anti-spill air feed line technology, it maintains proper suction without spilling any paint here and there. This is such a helpful feature for painting ceilings and other spaces that are at a height.

Cool features

The Astro 4008 may look like a basic spray gun, but it’s reliable and precise. We love how this is a user-friendly and beginner-friendly device. The spray’s height and width are adjustable – so you’ll have some flexibility in your spray pattern. It comes with a 1.8mm nozzle. You’ll be able to paint your cabinet with a flourish. It’s effortless to keep clean. You may have to readjust the air pressure bolt from time to time. Otherwise, it’s a decent spraying system for the price that you’re getting it at. It delivers a consistent finish and will be light on your pocket.

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10) Wagner Spraytech 0529091 FLEXiO 5000 Stationary HVLP Paint Sprayer

wagner spraytech 0529091 flexio 5000

The Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO 5000 is a mighty spray system, one that you can get a lot done with. It’s the most powerful and advanced in this line from Wagner. You’ll be able to spray undiluted latex with ease on your cabinet, as well as your furniture, walls, ceilings, trim and more! It comes with a heavy turbine that sits on the floor. This is connected to a smart-looking and lightweight spray gun. The Wagner FLEXiO 5000 is a market favourite and comes with a cute yellow and black structure in which you can store the turbine and accessories. 

Choose your spray style

The Wagner Spraytech FLEXiO 5000 lets you choose from a range of fully adjustable features. We’re talking about the fan pattern, paint flow and the air pressure. You can paint with a horizontal, vertical or round flow. 

You can spray oh so many materials with this system since it comes with the iSpray and the Detail Finish nozzles. You’ll be able to take on large paint jobs and small projects that require fine finishing, too.

Powerful system

This turbine is twelve times faster than any brush, and can cover an 8 inch x 10 inch surface in five minutes. With its trademark X-Boost turbine, you’ll be able to spray interior and exterior paints and stains right from the can. You’ll save time on diluting! This list includes 2-in-1 paints and primers, latex and oil enamels. 

Like the other sprayers in the FLEXiO range, this is a popular and versatile unit. This particular sprayer stands out because of its strong set of features and enviable power – and is a contender for the best.

  • Sprays quickly and offers fast coverage.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Lightweight spray gun for flexible painting.
  • Doesn’t waste any paint.
  • Some users have reported spattering of paint.
  • Not great for professional use.
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11) Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M367

Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M367

The Graco Ultra Max 17M367 is a powerful and precise handheld airless sprayer. This beauty can spray undiluted materials at any speed. You can spray water-based, solvent-based and even flammable materials.

If you want to get the most professional finish out there, this paint sprayer is your best bet. It also comes with a range of great features that will give you a truly excellent painting experience.

The Graco Ultra Max 17M367 is battery-operated and uses environmentally-friendly lithium-ion batteries. This comes with a Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect, that ensures super fast paint delivery. You’ll be making a long-lasting investment with thi sprayer, since its parts are fully repairable.

Awesome RAC X FFLP spray tip technology

Our favorite feature is the reversible tips. The Graco Ultra Max 17M367 comes with spraying tips that you can reverse and use. In case you face clogging while painting, don’t waste your time – just reverse the tips and spray on!

  • Cordless and lightweight.
  • Durable sprayer whose parts can be replaced.
  • Comes with six FlexLiner cup bags, good for oil-based materials.
  • Designed for professional use.
  • Perfect for spraying cabinets like a pro.
  • The Graco Ultra Max 17M367 comes in the premium price bracket.
  • Not great for larger projects.
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12) Graco 17D889 TrueCoat 360 Handheld Paint Sprayer

The Graco 17D889 TrueCoat 360 Handheld Paint Sprayer is ideal for DIY homeowners and handymen to give those little touch-ups and flourishes. It can handle small to medium-sized projects with finesse and speed. This system has a powerful steel piston pump that generates enough pressure to spray unthinned paint. It can spray non-flammable coatings that can be cleaned up with water or mineral spirits.

Useful features and accessories 

The Graco TrueCoat 360 comes with 2 – .015-inch reversible spray tips, 4 inches narrow and 12 inches wide, 4 -42-ounce FlexLiner Bags, an operation manual, and a sturdy and durable storage case. Its reversible tips make coping with clogging very easy. It has a variable speed control so you can choose the best pressure settings for your cabinet painting project. This system also uses VacuValve technology to spray in any direction you want to, even upside down! The disposable bag liners will help you switch from color to color in a flash. They also speed up the cleaning process since you can just reuse these bags or throw them away.

This system will give you up to 25 gallons of output a year. Keep that in mind when making this purchase.

  • This comes with a durable storage case.
  • You’ll find the variable speed control quite convenient.
  • It has a durable stainless-steel piston pump.
  • This also comes with FlexLiner bags.
  • Tricky to refill paint.
  • It’s not designed for long-term or professional use.
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To choose the best paint sprayer for your cabinets, you need to know a few things. Let’s go a little deeper into what kind of paint sprayers are there in the market and which one is the most suitable for cabinet painting. We’ve also listed out a buying guide to help you choose.

Types of Paint Sprayers for Cabinets

Did you know there are different kinds of spray painters? Each has its own merits and demerits for different sizes of projects. We’ve listed down the details of these sprayers for your benefit.

1) Conventional/Compressed Air

The most traditional one out of these models is the conventional or compressed air sprayer. These rely on air compressors to generate power and pressure to atomize the paint. A high-pressure hose is attached to a pressurized tank. A spray gun is attached to the hose, and it sprays thin layers of paint. 

These paint sprayers tend to give sleek and smooth finishes. They can cover a lot of area in a short amount of time. You’ll find that because conventional air sprayers are so powerful, they produce a bit of overspray. You can easily manage this by using different nozzles to help you adjust the paint’s flow.

These sprayers cost a lot. Buying one isn’t an option for many. These tend to be quite loud. The setup is a little bulky and awkward for some. It may not be ideal in terms of physical convenience for an indoor job. Newer, handheld models are slowly replacing these. 


High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) units are popular paint sprayers that use a built-in electric turbine that compresses air to spray paint. They deliver lower volumes of material but allow for more control over the paint flow – making them good tools for painting cabinets and other interior furnishings. HVLPs are good for precision work and result in minimal overspray. They’re more affordable; some units are just under $100. They come with nozzles that you can adjust for spray flow, pattern, and thickness. Certain models can give you near-professional results.

HVLP sprayers aren’t great for large projects – so their use is limited to smaller painting jobs. Some of them can’t handle thick materials very well. Some don’t deliver a finish as smooth as a conventional compressed air sprayer but can still give you good results. 


Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) units use a hose attached to an air compressor to power a spray gun. They work with smaller air compressors than conventional sprayers do. Due to this, they produce smaller spray patterns, and this means you’ll enjoy less overspray with minimal material wastage when using one of these. Due to the lower pressure, you’ll have to dilute any thicker material you want to use with one of these sprayers. This is a good option if you already have an air compressor at home.

4) Airless

Airless sprayers are powerful and the fastest out of all these sprayers—these force paint out of their spraying mechanism using high pressure. You get cordless and corded handheld sprayers. 

An airless sprayer will help you get the job done in no time and efficiently. Because of their high performance and speed, these are very popular. But you might experience overspray. 

HVLP vs. Airless: Which Is Better for Cabinets?

The two most popular types of paint sprayers are HVLP and airless. Airless sprayers are fast and powerful. They’re apt for painting large surfaces and help you tackle big projects with comfort. But they can cause overspray, which is something to look out for. 

HVLPs offer more versatility in terms of detailing, and they’re better precision instruments. They aren’t great for large surface areas but do a fine job on smaller projects like kitchen cabinets.

We can conclude that if it’s a small kitchen cabinet, you may want to go with an HVLP. If it’s larger than that, you could try your hand with a more powerful sprayer. The easiest way to decide which sprayer is good for you is by assessing your painting project on a few parameters. Let’s check out our buying guide to see what these are. 

Buying Guide: What to Keep in Mind When Choosing A Paint Sprayer for Indoor Cabinets 

Here are a few things to look out for when you’re choosing the best paint sprayer for your indoor cabinets.

Size of the project

This is one of the main deciding factors. If you use a sprayer that’s too powerful for a job, you’ll get a lot of material wastage, overspray, and a poor finish. If the sprayer isn’t powerful enough, you’ll waste a lot of time and energy.

Type of material/paint

The type of paint or stain that you want to use is a major deciding factor. Some airless and conventional machines can easily handle heavy paints without thinning them. You may have to dilute thick materials if you want to use an HVLP. Select the type of material you want to use and determine which tip size or nozzle adjustments would work with it.

Size of the tip

You can identify a tip by the 3-digit code on it. When multiplied by 2, the first digit will tell you how wide the spray will be at 12 inches. The second number and third numbers show the size of the tip opening to the thousandth of an inch. For example, a 315 tip will have a 6-inch wide fan of paint from 12 inches away and have a 15 thousandths of an inch opening. You can find out more by asking the shop assistant or distributor.

Thin paints, stains, and lacquers can use a tip size of .009 to .013inches. Oil-based paints and latex are thicker and require a wider cavity, between .013 and .019. Primers and viscous enamels need even wider tips ranging from .025 to .035.

Tips and nozzles can wear out over time. An average tip will last through 30 gallons worth of paint. High-viscosity paints burn out tips much faster. Brass or metal tips are more durable than their cheaper, plastic counterparts.

Manual vs. Electric

Paint sprayers are powered by either an air compressor or an electric pump. Both have their pros and cons. Compressed air sprayers are awesome when it comes to adjusting for intensity and fine-tuning. They clean out most of the paint in the lines with the air. They also result in less wastage and mess. Airless sprayers are more likely to produce an even finish.

Power rating

High-powered sprayers produce larger spray patterns. They can coat large surfaces very quickly. These are great for large scale projects but not for smaller ones. For those, you’d rather go with something that is more precise and would waste less material.

Adjustable pressure

Make sure you check the adjustable pressure settings on a spraying system before buying it. How many settings does it have? If the pressure is too low, it can result in ‘tails’ or ‘fingers’ in the finish. If it’s too high, it can lead to overspray and misting. Adjusting the pressure on your sprayer will help you achieve that great finish that you want.

Cup capacity

How much paint can the sprayer’s cup hold? While airless sprayers can suck paint straight out of a bucket, most others use a 1-quart cup. A spray gun may use a 20-ounce cup. The capacity of the cup will determine how much time you’ll have to invest in transferring paint.

Ease of use

HVLP sprayers tend to be the easiest to use. This is because they’re easy to control and come with many options. They produce less overspray and are ideal for painting kitchen cabinets neatly and economically. LVLP sprayers are good for cabinets, too, but you’ll need to purchase an additional air compressor to use one. 

Clean up 

Some sprayers can be attached to a garden hose and flushed out. Others must be taken apart and cleaned. Find out how easy it is to clean the paint sprayer that you’re considering.

Price and warranty

Figure out whether the price of the sprayer matches your need for it. If you’re looking for a sprayer for multiple uses over a long period of time, you should invest in a good quality sprayer. Maybe one that is professional grade. But if you’re looking for something for a one-time project, it wouldn’t make sense to spend a lot of money. There are also certain sprayers good for refurbs and small projects that come at a lower price. Figure out your long-term needs first and then assess the price.

Different brands offer different warranties with their devices. Some are a year-long, some are 2-year long, and others are only applicable if there is a manufacturing defect. Find out.

Now that you know what to look out for when buying a paint sprayer, here are a few tips on using one to beautify your cabinet.

If you still have a few questions, we’ve made a list of FAQs at the end of the article, along with a few tips and tricks to help you on your painting journey. But now – let’s move on to our list of the best paint sprayers for cabinets. 

Tips for Using a Paint Sprayer on a Cabinet

1) Suit up!

Wear protective gear, like goggles and a face mask, before you start. Keep the windows open for proper ventilation. This will keep you safe, and you won’t have to deal with fumes. Read our detailed guide on paint sprayer safety.

2) Do your prep work

Remove the old paint from the cabinets first if you want to. You can apply a stripping material to the cabinet and sandpaper it off in some time. You can also directly paint on the cabinet if it’s in good condition. 

Empty the cabinets of any important objects. Use a cleaner to remove any oil, grease, or dirt. Particles and oil stuck on the cabinet can spoil the finish of your paint. So be careful to clean it down well. Fill in the dents. Use putty to smoothen anything out. You can also sandpaper the cabinets.

You should also apply primer on your kitchen cabinets. It will help the paint stick firmly onto your cabinets. 

3) Choose the right tip

This is a recurring theme. You absolutely must be careful about choosing the right tip for your project, based on the material you intend on using and the project’s size. This will ensure good coverage and a smooth and even finish. Using the wrong tip can even damage your spray gun and reduce your machine’s overall lifespan. If the tip is too small, it will clog. If the tip is too large, it will cause overspray.

4) Select the correct adjustments and settings

Carefully go through and understand the adjustments your device offers. Do a few practice runs. This will help you get a feel of the machine and know exactly how to achieve the kind of paint flow you want while you’re painting. Developing a proper understanding of your machine’s settings will save you a lot of time, confusion, and disappointment later.

5) Apply the paint

Maintain a distance of 12-inches away from your cabinet while spraying. Apply it slow and evenly, with a steady wrist. Keep the sprayer straight and vertical to the cabinet.

Start painting your cabinet’s frames first. Then move on to the front pieces of your cabinet. Then slowly move on to the back parts. Once everything is dry, apply your second and final coating. 

6) Clean up quickly

Don’t waste any time after your job is done. Immediately disassemble and wash your paint sprayer. This will ensure that your sprayer lasts you a long time and delivers great results with every use.


Q) Can I use a paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you can. A sprayer will save you time and energy. You’ll find it more convenient to paint the insides of a cabinet and its corners with a paint sprayer.

Q) How to paint kitchen cabinets with a sprayer?

Assess your cabinet’s size, decide upon the material you want to use and select a sprayer. Then you can follow the instruction manuals or a few Youtube videos for more.

Q) Why should I choose a paint gun over a brush or a roller?

Paint sprayers will save you time, energy, and are more convenient overall.

Q) How much does it cost to spray paint a kitchen cabinet?

It depends on the size of your cabinet and the pricing structure of the painter you’re approaching. It can cost up to $4000 if you hire a professional painter.

Q) Can I paint cabinets without sanding?

Yes, you can. But sanding ensures a smoother finish, so it’s highly recommended. You can also strip your furniture. It’s faster.

Q) What type of paint is best for spray painting kitchen cabinets?

You can use a latex or oil-based paint with a semi-gloss or satin finish.