Hey guys. I’m James Reed. I’m an interior designer with over 20 years of experience. I first got to know about power tools from a show called Home Improvement. I love Tim Allen’s character and wish I had my own ‘Tool Time’ type of show! I bought a paint sprayer when I had enough money saved up and never went back to using rollers and brushes since then. I’m into woodworking and DIY home fixing. Love putting extra touches on my house when I have the time. I’m also the neighborhood handyman and paint things for other people as a hobby.

Over time, I hope to make meaningful connections with other tool-heads like me. I think it would be nice to build a community where we can keep sharing information. We should push each other to do our best work ever.

I’m open to trying out different brands. I’m not a tool snob at all. If it’s a good unit, I’m ready to review it. Sometimes, my friends and family help me out with my reviews. (I tend to borrow stuff from my neighbor when in need!) My favorite projects are painting automobiles and staining fences.

So yeah, welcome to my blog! Hope you find my reviews informative and detailed. Let me know if there’s anything I could improve on. I’m open to suggestions